Meredith Weil

Rocio Tjalve

“Just open your mat to open your mind, for an inflexible body leads to an inflexible mind.”

Meredith discovered yoga as a complement to running and as a vehicle to tame her tight hamstrings and inflexible body. After her father was diagnosed with cancer she began taking Power Yoga classes to help her cope with stress, a busy career with long working hours and ultimately her grieving process.

During this time, she began to explore meditation, spirituality and began an avid asana practice that included numerous styles of yoga. After injuring her shoulder and experiencing intense sciatica pain from spending long hours at her desk, she sought out a form of yoga to help heal her injuries. This is when she discovered Gentle Therapeutics Yoga. After years of practice and workshops attended, Meredith decided she wanted to help others heal through teaching and received her RYT200 in Gentle Therapeutics Yoga.

She now specializes in helping students with lower back pain and sciatica and those who tend to experience stiffness and tightness in their bodies. Her yoga classes help students reduce stress, enhance flexibility and increase self-confidence. Gentle Therapeutics Yoga, is a yoga method utilizing props such as bolsters, blankets and straps to restore the body’s balance and vitality and is inspired B.K.S Iyengar. Gentle Therapeutics Yoga is safe for all ages and students with chronic pain and/or illnesses.

Meredith is also a holistic health coach that specializes in helping overworked, overwhelmed professionals reduce stress, eat healthier, have more energy and learn how to make time for the things they enjoy most.  She also helps guide individuals in transitioning to a more sustainable, plant-based diet.

  • Gentle Therapeutics Yoga with Meredith Weil
    Gentle Therapeutics Yoga with Meredith Weil